Jared specializes in Traditional
Fine Art Oil Painting

JARED DEINLEIN is a World Class Professional Oil Painter, Musician, Explorer, Professional Aviation Contractor, Bitcoin Investor and Rare Car/ Motorcycle Collector currently living in Chicago IL, USA.

Jared was born in Illinois USA, his father was a US Navy Sailor and his mother a homemaker. Jared is the youngest of four children. Jared spent his very early years traveling wherever his fathers job stationed him and Jared recalls playing in fields, woods and running around. He would catch turtles, frogs, tadpoles, fish, caterpillars and play all day long, looking at squirrels and birds, thinking in his head and then playing Nintendo(NES), Sega Genesis or watching Movie's or TV shows as a young child. Jared has also always been fond of animals and has had many pets; lizards, frogs, hamsters, mice, dogs, cats growing up. Jared recalls in his youth always hating the school education system, sitting in chairs all day laboring and being more interested in recess, nature and artwork.
To this day Jared continues to make oil paintings, pencil drawings, walks in nature and enjoys playing chess, skateboarding, lifting weights, going bowling, shooting guns, playing pool, poker, pretty much all leisure activities, Jared has numerous hobbies and interests. Jared is currently working on a new music album and is planning in the future on buying real estate and renting it out as a Landlord, he would also like to get chickens and have a farm or ranch at some point full of wildlife and animals and organic homegrown food from his garden with solar panels living in a self sustaining manner.